Art and Literature

The Truth of Medicine

February 27, 2013 Guest Blogger 1

        We ask for more, it never fills. We ask for less, it never ends. We ask because we can, but unheard. Yet our actions make it all. The world might not […]

Art and Literature

The Sea and the Tree

February 25, 2013 Manas Kinra 0

PART-1 Last Saturday I had a dream, I was sailing in a sea, somewhere in the middle of Me, A very tall, a very old, I saw in the sea….a Tree A tree full of […]

Travel and Leisure

Top 5 less known eating joints in Manipal.

February 24, 2013 Manas Kinra 5

Big restaurants are always well known to people for their pompous menus, fine dining, excellent service and ambiance but still there are some small paces located somewhere in the corner of the road hiding behind tall buildings […]


Manipal Monk: Don’t be a fool

February 23, 2013 ManipalMonk 0

There was a time when the hair of man was black, he held the view he’d rule the roost forever; “Not so,” said Mother Nature. “As the giver, you may endeavour, but without my succour, […]