Art and Literature

Why did she do this to me? Why?

December 23, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

18th November 2000 was the day I dreaded in my whole life. The day, that by a simple telephone call had turned my whole life upside down. She had left me. Left me and everyone […]


Move it, Shake it and Wag it like me!

December 22, 2013 Madhushri Mudke 0

Wagtails are wonderful small, not very small, medium-sized birds which are named so because of continuous waggling of their tail. They are slightly pale less colored birds unlike other bright and vibrant ones. What makes […]

Interviews and Class Rooms

Questions in the Class Room and?

December 21, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

In my experience as a student, one of the most awkward things that happen during a lecture is the pin-drop silence that the lecturer receives after posing a question. Most often, lecturers take this as […]


Is Santa a Lawbreaker?

December 19, 2013 Vishaal Bhat 0

Here is the charge sheet. He travels under aliases: Father Christmas, Father Pere Noel, Santa Claus, St Nicholas etc. Is guilty of illegal entry, as he never holds passport or visas or entry permits. Evades […]

Manipal Life

Why be a Doctor

December 18, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

The task of choosing one’s career path upon completion of a secondary education may prove to be a daunting prospect. Being granted the autonomy to choose my career path, I have come to realize that […]

The Manipal Experience

Trading Rupees for Ringgit

December 12, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

Returning to Melaka after a minimum of 2½ years in Manipal brings forth a whole new experience. While in the preclinical years, exposure to patients is minimal, life in Melaka throws the student headfirst into […]

A Doctor's Diary

Tips for Students on Drugs

December 12, 2013 Vishaal Bhat 1

Warning Signs that your friend may have a problem with drugs: getting high on drugs lying about things, or the drugs they use avoiding you and others to get high giving up activities they used […]

Art and Literature

The Disposable Friend

December 11, 2013 Guest Blogger 0

To think the world of him, How silly I could have been, For he was just a man, And forever is something they never can, I might have been his dear old knight, But now […]

Faking Manipal

Manipal Students Legalize Pot for Themselves

December 11, 2013 Vishaal Bhat 0

On a quiet hillock in this sleepy educational township, students have voted to legalize marijuana for their own personal use. “This is true democracy in action,” said Vijay Chauhan, who organized the election and encouraged […]