Top Ten Food Where and What: Must Have at Manipal!

Dragon Chicken a fast selling starter amongst students because of the quantity and price! - Source: The three Hungry Men

Now that urbanization is prevalent at its full fledged pace at Manipal, a consequent boon for all foodies is the arrival of innumerable restaurants,make shift ‘chaat’ stalls and fast food chains. In addition to the greater variety of options,there are also confusions which arise in choosing an eating place apt for your occasion/budget/taste preferences.

Here is a quick go-through guide..

1. First Kitchen :

Where: Udupi road, Next to Naturals Ice cream.
USP: This considerably new restaurant is a small, cosy place with some real lip-smacking food! Although not veryyy is a must try on the days you are feeling rich or when you want to take your visiting relatives out for dinner 😉
Picks:Chicken Ghee Roast

First Kitchen – On the Road to Udupi

2. Tiwari Chat:

Where: Near Venugopal Temple
USP: Who knew that this tiny stall on the way to Venugopal could be such a delightful treasure-house for all those chaat lovers! Indulge yourself in paani-puri or a wide array of chats,or the famous Bihari Litti-Choka, served excellently and very authentically here!
Picks: GULAB JAMUN here is a MUST for all those with an incredibly sweet tooth. Roughly said, it is only something you can dream of until you have it!

3. Fish Max :

Where: Near Syndicate Circle
USP: Definitely a one-stop place for all the die-hard fish lovers!(Bengalis and otherwise). This humble place offers very skillfully sautéed fish,the taste of which is distinct and unforgettable. Easy on the wallet and guarantees a very fulfilling dinner/lunch.
Picks: A variety of fish are available to suit your needs. Pomfret, Rohu,Prawns, King-fish all work well for me!

4. Attill:

Where:Udupi Road,Next to L’Oreal Salon
USP:This restaurant with its attractive,fancy ambiance and an unquestionable food standard is already quite popular. Again,the prices suggest that consider this when you are coaxing your friends for birthday treats 🙂
Picks: Chicken Biryani, Lasagna, Full White Snapper Tandoori

Dragon Chicken a fast selling starter among students because of the quantity and price at Attill Manipal! – Source: The 3 Hungry Men

5. Guzzler’s Inn:

Where:Hotel Ashlesh,MIT
USP:This dimly lit restaurant is well-known for its food..but it is particularly a must-visit for all sizzler-lovers! Caution: May burn a hole in your pocket. Hence consider going in a large group.
Picks: Steak Sizzler

6. Hotspot: 

Where: Opposite Dominos Pizza, Syndicate Circle
USP: A ‘Lo and Behold!’ for all chicken lovers. Straight talk here.
Picks: Peshawari Kebab is a must try…but yes..come here in a large group to enjoy its delectable quality in a good quantity 🙂

7. Taste-Imagine: 

Where: Near Black Cup, End Point Road
USP: This place is technically a food Mess..but I really wanted to mention it here. It is definitely the closest I could get to home-food here in Manipal. Come in for lunch and dinner at very reasonable rates. For hardcore non-vegetarians..there is chicken,egg and fish too!
Picks: Snack here on Sunday evening..Samosa and Jalebi which will make your world go ROUND. Stocks get over veryy fast, so it is almost imperative to make your presence felt by 5 pm.

8. Hideout:

Where: Udupi road,Next to Hotspot
USP: Although this place is famous for reasons more than one, I recently discovered the astounding food quality too. A catch: not student-friendly at all(sigh!)
Picks: Try almost anything here,and you are bound to like it.

9. Hangyo CTF:

Where: Near Syndicate Bank
USP: The acronym CTF (Chill,Thrill,Frill) does seem to be very apt for this place. Only a sip of the trademark Thick shakes seem perfect for replenishing a tiring day! Another must try is the Pav Bhaji, for which you can visit after 4 pm.
Picks: Chicken Colossal Club Sandwich (very very fulfilling)

10. And a few places in and around TC

  • Pani Puri stall Opposite Hotel Shanthala : There is something about the Pani Puri here which is unfathomable,but it is ‘simply the best’ indeed.
  • Vada Pav stalls next/opposite to Amita Bakery: If you have not had a Vada Pav from here yet..kindly do not wait any longer!
  • Corn stall outside Manipal stores: Whether your flavour is the classic Butter and salt or the tangy chilly lime, you cannot resist just a cup or two once in a while.
  • Hotel Iceland,Opposite Manipal stores: Refresh yourself with a glass of fresh juice,or enjoy a plate of good old Maggi 🙂
  • Pav Bhaji Stall Manipal Gift House: This stall has been around for long,from what I hear. It is a humble place but really not so in terms of the Pav Bhaji you get to savour! A must-visit at least once.

1) The order above does not correspond with my personal preferences.
2) The age-old adage ‘To each his own’ is indispensable. Feel free to add/comment/suggest 🙂

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  • Hashvind Sivakumar

    Tasty Bites : Chia Su Pork !!!
    And Thailin …

  • Sumali

    No Dollops and no Snack Shack.???
    Saiba – Drums of heaven
    China valley – Chicken in Oyster sauce (try it with veg hakka noodles)
    Snack shack/Snack point – Potato lover
    Snack point – Thai connection
    Hotspot – Chicken shawarma

  • SD

    Snack point’s Thai connection
    China valley’s chicken in oyster sauce

  • Benjamin

    bq mess should be on this list. the lunch and dinner meals for Rs50(used to be Rs40 until recently) is worth it for the truly EPIC chapathies and curd alone. Veg though. to each his own

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  • Shri

    Forgot to mention Sizzler Ranch is amazing! Sizzler Lovers, you got to be there.
    Iceland had stopped making Maggi n sandwiches, so its only fresh juice, and it still rocks!
    Last one I remember… 😀 RAJASTHANI MESS: manipal so deep in south, n having authentic Rajasthani food, its bliss, wonder if it still exists or they closed it down.
    There are other rests as well.. Eye of the Tiger, and one on top of SBI .. Don’t remember the new names.. Basically, Manipal is a foody’s paradise!

  • Shri

    TOP OF THE LIST: SEVEN BEENS man y didn’t it open when I was there … Exactly Opposite to old Dee Tee. A new bee in Manipal, Hats off to it, the ambience, the music, the set up with open space and a separate place for reading, see through kitchen. I was taken aback by all of it, but the punch came when food arrived…… After TITOS GOA, its SEVEN BEENS, MANIPAL. Order anything on the menu! Slurp… Gulp!

    The other 22 are as follows:
    1. Grab-a-Bite: Mashroom Masala Franky
    2. Hotspot: Egg Biryani
    3.Sirocco coffee valley/kmc food court: You pick ANY PASTA!
    4.Your Choice: Alu Bhurji, egg masala, egg cheeze sandwich.
    5. Ganoderma Mess: Closest to home food: the rotis are not rotis… They are pulkas which we make at home, and yummy curries everyday!
    6. Comming to Chats & Puchka: Tiwari Chat next to venugopal temple is awesome for Gulab Jamuns 😀 and litti chokha! But if you want to have Puchka, the one in front of Neptune store Tops it. You NeeD to have it, to BelievE it!
    7. Basil cafe: Irish Coffee
    8. Manna’s Rols: Double Egg Double Alu Double Mushroom (psst: i ask him to customize it)
    9. Blue Waters: awesome food! A bit heavy on pocket. Quantity is more than enough for one person. When you have it, you ll know where the extra money went.
    10. Dollops: one of the oldest! Tasty food, used to be way too easy on pocket, not anymore. But the food is still yummy as ever!
    11. Press Cart (next to mic/soc) after 5pm to 3am: Keshtu, Samosa, Omlette, chakuli, chai & coppi!
    12. KC Canteen: Cheeze Maggi, Egg Maggi, Egg Bread Masala, Idli Sambar.
    13. Timmy Anna, next to last block of MIT hostels: Sutta, Chai & Maggi
    14. Little Chef: Ice Lime & Egg Cheese Macaroni
    15. 7Bees: Chilly Cheese Toast , and Combo meals (burgers n sandwiches, don’t go for rice)
    16. BQ Canteen, 7am to 12 midnight: idli, curd wada, Egg Masala Rice, almost everything is pretty decent here.
    17. Northy Mess: Feels close to home cooked food. Don’t forget to have chaas or lassi after the meal 🙂
    18. Vikram’s : Need I say more. A Heaven for breakfast and Egg & Cheese Lovers! Recommendation goes to: Scrambled Egg with Cheese, Cheese Omelette (all with toast) n fresh Juice!
    19. Partha Point: Paneer Paratha, Mix Paratha, with Butter. All the curries are yummy here!
    20. Big Boss, now known as Zero Degrees: From noodles to rice, I think every thing RockS!
    21. Uncle’s Point: Best Chocolate Pancake Ever guys!
    22. And lastly Dee Tee: Biryani, be it Veg, Egg or Chicken, its out of this world.

    • drif_queen

      Hey would you happen to know what happened to fish land? Next to parotha point. Or a contact number or something?

  • ankit chauhan

    BQ canteen..

  • You missed the Chicken Uruval in Guzzlers… a must have…. and the Grilled Chicken near Valley View (Opp Reebok Showroom, hoping it still is in the same place it was 7 years ago)… forgot the resturant’s name…they made some mean Grilled Chicken….

  • Subbu

    First Kitchen has closed shop and we have 7bees at the same location!

  • Aravind Prasad

    Guys Fish Maxx No- 9141102369, Near Syndicate Circle, Behind Manohar Wines

  • Chandan Bharti

    Muh me pani aa rahe hain… sab padh ke…missing those olden days and food specially DBC from Snack-shake ,Gulab Jamun/litti chokha from Tiwari chat and Oreo shake from Planet cafe…(The best in India) ….

  • Eeshan Chatterjee

    I just went through the comments, I didn’t find one thing that I’ll always remember from Manipal!

    Weekend Chicken Grill Platter at chef-inn (behind Edu building). A XXXL sized piece of perfectly grilled chicken served with boiled veggies, mashed potato, mayo, and the owner’s signature peanut sauce!

  • Nischitha

    Baba Point… The best tea i have ever tasted

  • Iceland – they stopped making MANIPAL’s best maggie… :'(

  • M.A.

    Come on! Snack shack is not on that list?!
    By far, my favorite restaurant in Manipal was Snack Shack!

  • i dont agree with the udupi first kitchen!! 1st of all , the food just normal, 2nd the price is too costly for the food they served .. 3rd , the service is bad.. i think compare to udupi first kitchen , i guess sai parivar or udupi residency are way better

    • Winston Earnest

      Its Shut down permanently..

  • MJ18



    Malaysian restaurant @ Mandavi Emerald


    Woodlands in Udupi


    Hot Chix @ Mandavi Emerald

    Kamat Upahar @ Food court


  • Manu Verma

    DISHES!!!! shawarma roll is yum yum yummy!…n all other dry chicken items r just too gud!

  • Emaaduddin

    Chicken sukka, Biryani and fried squid at Manipal Canteen (Opposite Hangyo Saiba) is AWESOME!!!

  • Dr.Vatsala Kamath

    You have left out the world class fish and chips at Valley View

  • Rohit Kashyap

    Sad that ICELAND stopped making the “most awesom maggi in Manipal” 🙁

  • Dhawal

    Chinaaaa Valleyyyyyy!!

    And Devas (The shanty just outside MIT open only in the night all night. Unforgettable deva special – Egg and cheese and sweat and bread)

  • First of all please do NOT miss Vikram’s at any cost.


    Saiba’s Cheese Chilly Toast and Paneer Xacuti.
    Fish Land’s : Shark Plate
    Paratha Point’s : Chicken Paratha
    China Valley’s: Chicken Lollypop
    Northy Mess: Meals
    MIT Canteen’s: Schezwan Fried Rice
    KC’s : Lime and Cheese maggi
    Snack Shack’s : Rainbow Rooster

  • well some agreeable some not, missing out on places like dollops hangyo 7bees and planet cafe is unfortunate but every author has their own choices

  • Eeshan

    Why is Dollops’ Lollypops not here? I only realized how wonderful they were after leaving manipal! :

  • Wonderful article… there are many more that need a mention, but then it wouldn’t be a top ten!!