A Brief Respite

Episode 2012

September 28, 2012 Sam 0

Technically the first ice-breaker. The first bridge built between the battle weary veterans and the green-horns entering the portals of a premier B-School . Scouting for talent, urging the new-comers to shed their inhibitions, applying […]

The Santa Claus Village
Travel and Leisure

Escape Clause: Rovaniemie Holidays

September 27, 2012 Guest Blogger 0

Rovaniemi is a hidden gem of a holiday destination.  There is a lot of fun activity and great locals.  What’s even better is that it is literally Christmas time all times of the year.  Great […]


Hoogar at Manipal on Friday the 13th

September 27, 2012 Hoogar 1

Hoogar awoke that morning, yawned, and climbed out of bed. Not only out of bed, but out the window. That’s right two stories—straight down. It seems that the bed had rolled next to the window […]

Sambit Speaks


September 26, 2012 Sambit Dash 0

Have you ever visited a factory? Or a workshop ?(not the scientific kinds!). If you have you can well imagine and if you haven’t you could assume that at such a place there are plenty […]


Who Are Sane Asylum (?) No, Really!

September 26, 2012 Tanmay 0

As we mentioned earlier the band was formed by two different bands and is now called ‘Who are sane asylum’. Abhineet was representing the band and here is what he had to say: MB: For […]