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Here in MIT you are measured on a Relative Grade Point basis rather than absolut percentage or any other method.


By now, you guys must have received your wait-list numbers and I believe our readers are more of the 100+ in every branch type. If not well and good, but if you have wait-list numbers more than 100 for branches like Biotech, biomed, IC, IP, AUTO, Printing etc, then there is no need to worry as most of the students will have filled these branches out of desperation to get into MIT and most of them wont respond once the wait-list is moved.

The wait-listing process is an issue every year as the college authorities wait for at-least a couple of dozens of withdrawals before they update the wait list for the first time. Once the first update is made, then the wait list numbers for the branches like IC, IP, Auto, Bio, Printing will shoot up very fast and in no time 100 is reached. And for branches like EC, CS, Mech, IT etc where the ranks are better, you can expect a branch change if your wait list number is around 100 or lesser than that.

Change of Branch after First Year

In case you end up choosing a branch which you may not like towards the end of first year or choosing a branch out of desperation to join the college, you have an option to change your branch after first year. NRI sponsored students have a different approach to make while this is for the general category students.

The change of branch depends on the number of students who get a year back or officially “does not have the required amount of credits” to be promoted to next year. Every year, on an average there are at least 5-6 people in every branch who are short on credits at the end of first year. So depending on that number and mo of applications for a particular department, you may get a branch change.

Here in MIT you are measured on a Relative Grade Point basis and not absolute percentage or any other method. Every semester you will be given a GPA based on your performance in the internals and end semester exams taken together. CGPA is like Aggregate percentage which will vaguely be the average of all GPA until the current semester. (Read: How to calculate your CGPA at MIT Manipal)

So, to change a branch after first year you’ll have to apply to the administrative section at the end of first year before your exams. After the first year CGPAs are out, and depending on the vacancies in a particular branch you may be promoted to a different branch.

The CGPA required for EnC, CSE, Mech etc are around 9 while other branches need around 8. You can vaguely translate 8 to 80% and 9 to 90% though that is not the case and the real calculations depend on the performance of the batch. (Read: How to Score High at MIT Manipal)

Hope this solved most of your doubts. Contact us for more help if needed.

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