A First Hospital Experience

June 30, 2012 Shreya Pandey 0

I have spent a good 5 days in a hospital lately. Lucky that I never had to before. The good part is I wasn’t the reason for the hospital visits. The bad part, My mom […]

India and World

‘Rain’ bina chain kahan re…

June 29, 2012 Sambit Dash 0

For the beginners, it is raining much less in Manipal than it normally does. (You dont believe me for the last couple of days?) Now you might be heaving long sighs as your clothes are […]

Art and Literature

MacDeath: The new avatar of Macbeth

June 29, 2012 Manas Kinra 2

[This is the first time this version of MACBETH is coming out in public… With malice to none!!! hope u all  like it!!!]   Special thanks to Sadia Husain(Cheif Editor).                                 […]


ManipalBlog Photo of the Week : Seven Sins

June 27, 2012 Admin 1

As part of our weekly photo contest for our Wordless Wednesdays feature, we presented our Facebook followers with the theme – “The Seven Sins”. We received an interesting response to the theme with 16 photosof […]