November 15, 2011 Tanmay 8

An opportunity. That is all I need. I am capable of doing much better than I am doing now. I know that. Record maintenance! Is that I wanted to do in my life? Was that […]

Manipal Life

The 10 am to 10:30 am Break

November 13, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

We thought we’ll give you insight on what came up on our polls as the most famous/best part of college life. In every working day in Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), we get a half […]

Campus Life

MU Convocation Dinner Disaster

November 13, 2011 Kanwar Singh 6

Convocation 2011 for Manipal University was held earlier today.  As always the one day of the year when the campus looks gorgeous at night (evening) with all the lights not the desolate place that it […]

Kindergarden School life is like the first bloom of a plant...

One Step at A Time – School life Nostalgia

November 11, 2011 Alex 0

Monsoons reopened and so did School. ‘God Must Not Like Usl’ was the shared feeling growing in class-room full of infancy. The rail-iron bell rang with all its spite and freshness – the moment rippled […]

FB Addiction and Social Life
Social Media and Technology

Facebook and Manipal

November 10, 2011 Guest Blogger 0

You are in Manipal? You don’t have a Facebook account? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??? Yes, every single student here breathes Facebook. Eats Facebook. Drinks Facebook. Does Facebook. And if you are not on Facebook, get a life! Such […]