Death and the Living

Death Of A Student

Are they forgotten so soon? Someone died yesterday. A student of MIT; a final year student of Printing Technology branch. The notice came in the morning lecture hours, and there was a service at 10.15 […]


Country of Haters

 Men of words and fair deeds, far and near they do exist, just like your fear hiding behind masks of anonymity you might find some in your proximity ready to die, they don’t just live […]


The Festival Of Lights

It had been a promising start to a much-anticipated day. The sun rose, bright and beautiful, amidst a clear, cloudless sky. The multitude of Ayodhya had awoken before daybreak, to prepare themselves and the city […]

Art and Literature

What Shall I Write?

It is midnight. The lamp burns with intensity, surrounding objects transform themselves into vague and misty shapes, and the oppressive stillness in the air seems almost unbearable. In vain the weary student endeavors to bring […]